Underappreciated Babylon 5 relationship of the day:

Commander Jeffrey Sinclair and Lennier

Lennier is a devout member of the Minbari religious caste and has a scholarly understanding of the historic and spiritual texts of his people.  He is particularly engrossed in the history of Valen whom he regards as the greatest of his people.  Lennier regularly recites the lore of Valen to any individual who shows the slightest interest.

Commander Sinclair as a result of these casual history lessons with Mr. Lennier learns a great deal about himself, and the ideal he must strive to attain regarding the future of his past.  Jeffrey Sinclair learns the lessons he must instill before he knows exactly how to get them across. 

Jeffrey Sinclair and Lennier are crucial figures in one another’s lives, yet neither truly understood the impact until much later.

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    I can also point out that he had family aboard Drala Fi, the ship destroyed by the said human in a human-minbari war....
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    It’s a wonder that none of the attaches decided on a hostile takeover because their bosses are so messed up. …why do I...
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    #First there is the war with the humans#Then he finds out humans are stealing Minbari souls #Then he finds out his...
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