catholmes answered: I always had this dumb idea of seeing Sheridan and Delenn’s son and his adventures. Sort of a mix of B5 & Firefly

Yes!  I don’t know why this wasn’t an idea used sooner for a B5 spinoff but oh well.  I suppose it could still happen sometime in our futures.  However as recently reported it will indeed be a reboot so it looks like any David Sheridan exploits would be FAR far down the road unfortunately, but I’m with you a hundred percent on this one.


I loved B5 and I enjoyed some of the spinoff stuff, but I feel like the series proper had two solid, no-looking-back type endings.  Those, coupled with the failed spinoffs or continuations, make me very unhappy about this news.

True, one thing I loved about Babylon 5 was the ending.  For a long time I said LOST might replace B5 as my favorite television series, depending on how it ended.  Spoiler alert!  The LOST ending was garbage and there were a billion plots and plot holes left unaccounted for, thus Babylon 5 still holds my number 1 spot. 

So why mess with perfection?  Why undo the story that was wrapped up so well?

A chance to tell it better maybe?  Maybe.  A chance to follow an artistic vision?  I guess, but then again the best art is usually done under pressure, in less than ideal conditions, through suffering etc. etc. 

When you have time to sit down and think about it, you generally over think it. 

Though I suppose there are those, talented, blessed few who work best that way.

Maybe its just a desire to ensure that the B5 universe isn’t forgotten, and that it’s opened up for a new generation?  If that’s the reason I can get behind that. 

lodessa answered: Yeah. It makes me nervous but at the same time excited.

A perfect summary right there.

I’m not squeeing joyfully about this news. What happened to JMS saying he’d told the B5 story that he’d wanted told, as best he could, considering the numerous circumstances? Why is he thinking of doing new B5 after Andreas Katsulas and Richard Biggs have died? To me, no Katsulas is a deal-breaker right there. Another deal-breaker is that, though I loved B5, JMS then did Crusade and Legend of the Rangers; I don’t especially want anything else done in the B5 universe when the creator and showrunner himself can’t get it right. And there I go, being no fun at all…

Hey, you’re not wrong and this could end up being just another cruel B5 fandom tease. 

As I said on the previous replies he’s trying to recreate something, but is missing many of the components which made it work.  I’m not even talking about the actors either, but producers, artists, set designers, and all the other people who had a passion for the project.  (Some of those people will undoubtedly return for a new project but not ALL of them.)

And I really do feel like this is something that JMS should do SOME writing for, but ultimately put it into the hands of someone else, someone with a fresh eye, new perspective, and it would be great if that person was also a fan of the series to some degree.  

But that being said I also think he should be given a chance, he’s not acting in the manner of a Lucas type creator.  He’s always had the fans in the foreground of his plans (at least as far as I can tell), and he’s fought tooth and nail to keep Babylon 5 going and relevant and to me that means something and is deserving of … . I don’t know … . something? Another chance?

I was actually a fan of Crusade and saw its potential, Legend of the Rangers suffered from various ailments, it was essentially a pilot after all who knows what the finished series might have been like.  Heck Babylon 5 had its growing pains and was significantly different from The Gathering.

We’ll see what we get, I like you am not OVERLY excited by all of this, but I am now cautiously optimistic.  I’ve been burned before.   

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acidangels answered: A reboot would be AMAZING, but it would have to be about something we have yet to see. Something after the timeline, touched in the last ep?

Well sounds like JMS is talking about a full fledged, straight up, no-nonsense, 10 years after the Earth/Minbari war, it’s all fresh, reboot.

That being said, who the hell knows?  I’m sure there would have to be new stuff, there’d better be new stuff!  The B5 universe is a big place, I’m sure there’s a lot in ol’ JMS’ head we haven’t seen yet. 

More flash forwards to the million years in the future humans and more hints at what lies ahead thousands of years in the future perhaps? 

(Side note: I’d really like to see Sinclair and Sheridan both back, not simply some condensed version of them in a new Reboot Sheridan.  I think end of season 1 Reboot Sinclair gets kicked aside to diplomatic duties while Reboot Sheridan is put into place to run the military/station side of things, thinking that Sheridan is a hero and will follow orders when martial law times come but then Sinclair and Sheridan work it out and realize they’re on the same side. etc. etc.)

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It could be 3 hours of explaining the Narn/Minbari/Drazi/… cultures and I’d be happy.

Seriously.  The world of B5 is so expansive and fleshed out, I love all the different races and cultures and for me that is reason enough to keep this show alive!  The storylines are amazing, the characters are great, the sci-fi designs are superb, but it’s the cultures I’m most drawn to. 

I’d like to watch a B5 movie about the first treaty/first contact between the Llort and the Drazi.  A movie about a nomad pak’ma’ra who witnesses important galactic events through his travels but doesn’t even realize it because he’s just looking for a decent snack.  A tense meeting between the Centauri and the Minbari fleet during the centuries before Babylon 5 when the two eldest of the younger races had a mutual understanding that they wanted nothing to do with one another, but are forced to work together or broker some deal etc. etc.

That’s why, aside from a reboot, I’d also be very happy to have a new show which was simply set in the B5 universe and only dealt with the station itself and the events surrounding it in the most minimal of degrees.   

@urvogel said: if the show is remade with a passion it could be exciting- but if they just want to cash in on a reboot that would be disappointing. id really love to see the show get re-released a graphics facelift like they did with TOS star trek- :)

Yes I agree with all of this.  I would really like to see a Blu Ray/touched up release of the series, it just need to happen.

As for JMS making a reboot just to cash in, I really don’t think that’s the case at all.  He has never been one to go in for hype and merchandise and cash grabs and all that. 

That’s not to say that this reboot (and it has now been confirmed that JMS himself said it would be a reboot) for all its good intentions won’t be misguided.  A show like Babylon 5, and even Star Trek for that matter, worked because it was something new and a group of people were coming together to make it happen for the first time.  Trying to recreate that magic and that passion is often much harder than it seems. 

It’s like throwing a really great party and deciding that you want to do it again with about the same results, except you don’t invite any of the same people, throw it at a different time, and move it to some other house.  You’ll never have that party again, BUT you might also have an even better party and wake up the next day and say to yourself “I should party with these assholes more often!”

We’ll see.

Babylon 5 Feature Film in the Works: Let’s discuss.

These are my initial thoughts and are subject to change as more news of this project emerges:

When JMS said he had a B5 announcement I was hoping for at least news that the show was coming back to Netflix or Prime or something along those lines, and at most that it was being released on Blu Ray with new effects etc.

When I heard that he was writing a screenplay and was making a movie with or without Warner Bros. I was immediately overjoyed, because fuck you Warner Bros.

However as I’ve been thinking about it I’m not sure I’m as stoked as I was initially. 

I think it comes down to this; at this point I’d really just like to see a B5 reboot movie that leads into a new show.  I think that would be best.  With so many members of the original cast no longer with us, and so much time passed since the original show a reboot would be a great way to get B5 back while introducing it to a new audience.  Don’t get me wrong I would be all for members of the original cast coming back and playing new roles etc.  Bruce Boxleitner as General Hague.  Peter Jurasik as Emperor Turhan.

(and for the record I would be 200% fine with a movie continuing/finishing off Crusade but I’m about 400% sure that isn’t what we’re going to get from this movie.)

I don’t know, something like that. 

I hate to be a pessimist about this whole thing, and really I’m not because we don’t even know anything about it yet so it’s all just speculation right now.  These are simply my small, personal, insignificant thoughts on the subject.

What do you fine folks think?  And what would you like to see out of this freshly announced Babylon 5 movie project??

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