Evil crossover plotbunny of doom


Okay, so after seeing CA:TWS, somehow I got it into my head that there are some interesting parallels between Steve Rogers and Jeffrey Sinclair (and Garibaldi’s S4 arc is a MUCH milder version of Bucky’s), and now I have the beginnings of this massive fusion AU plotted out in my head that I will NEVER be able to focus long enough to write. Wherein the Super Soldier program takes place during the Earth/Minbari War instead of WWII (because, well, Minbari are more powerful than humans so maybe the only chance of beating them is to create a more powerful human?) and Steve is Sinclair and Natasha is Ivanova and Bucky is Garibaldi and Peggy is Catherine and Hydra are the Shadows and…and…

Somebody stop me before I turn the Asgardians into Vorlons. Please? *facepalm*

Jeffrey Sinclair as Captain America?  Sign me up!


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…I ship it…oh god why?

Web, on Sinclair/Garabaldi. LET THE MOCKERY BEGIN (via admiraloblivious)