During the war I killed fifty thousand of you. What’s one more?

During the war I killed fifty thousand of you. What’s one more?


One of my favorite things to do is watching new fans watch babylon 5 and seeing them get all excited and emotional over chrysalis and smiling like a maniac like

Just you wait

Question: Does a Babylon 5 fandom still exist?


So I’ve been watching this old early 90s sci-fi series that is literally as old as I am and that my mom straight up tells me that she used to watch when I was just a couple of months old called Babylon 5. My parents keep on buying all of the old seasons and we’ve all been really getting into it…



I decided to post my reactions as I rewatch Babylon 5, again. Skipping the pilot movie. After the freaky deal with my dvd atomatically starting the first episode I’m gonna start.

Midnight on the Firing Line

Starts with the nice show off graphics of Ragesh 3 and the ominous ’ Tell them it’s…

Minbari, pale bloodless. Look in their eyes. Nothing but mirrors. Infinities of reflection.

Soul Hunter #1 (Babylon 5 - 1.02: “Soul Hunter”)


Drink every time N’Grath says that the price will be high.