Apparently the episode of Babylon 5 that I watched first was a movie thing made between seasons 3 and 4 and not the real first episode. No wonder I have so many questions!

Tying not to read to much because I don’t want spoilers, and reading people’s comments about the show make me sad. Apparently everyone hates the first season a lot and recommends skipping episodes if you want to actually like the show? But I watched 10 episodes, including the ones I was supposed to skip, and I like the show a lot so far. I guess I’m doing it wrong. ???

Don’t listen to the haters.

NEVER skip season 1! 

You’re doing it RIGHT.  Enjoy what you enjoy, understand that it was a brand new start of a brand new show, and there are going to be some growing pains.  And also if you want to avoid spoilers don’t really look too deeply into my blog.

Welcome aboard! 

Evil crossover plotbunny of doom


Okay, so after seeing CA:TWS, somehow I got it into my head that there are some interesting parallels between Steve Rogers and Jeffrey Sinclair (and Garibaldi’s S4 arc is a MUCH milder version of Bucky’s), and now I have the beginnings of this massive fusion AU plotted out in my head that I will NEVER be able to focus long enough to write. Wherein the Super Soldier program takes place during the Earth/Minbari War instead of WWII (because, well, Minbari are more powerful than humans so maybe the only chance of beating them is to create a more powerful human?) and Steve is Sinclair and Natasha is Ivanova and Bucky is Garibaldi and Peggy is Catherine and Hydra are the Shadows and…and…

Somebody stop me before I turn the Asgardians into Vorlons. Please? *facepalm*

Jeffrey Sinclair as Captain America?  Sign me up!